Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego
Tomasza Jarosza

Profesjonalna Obsługa Przesiębiorców
We hereby offer you our services as a Legal Advice Office in the field of professional legal services.

We offer the following range of services:

- Management of Proprietary Interests in accordance with Owner’s instructions.
- Vindication of claims..
- Offering advisory and consultation services in the scope of business management;
- Advice within the public procurement system;
- Preparation of writs, proposals and legal opinions;
- Presentation in courts, presentations before offices and other institutions in which the law allows legal substitution in the person of a legal adviser;
- Conducting training to further the legal knowledge of students;
- Support in receiving subsidisies from the European Union.

We provide our services dependant upon requirements either in our customer’s office or in our office, also providing legal advice by phone and internet. Moreover we offer evaluation of legal deeds, agreements and their creation via electronic media.

We help in the immediate receiving of orders of payment in the courts and any other permissions and entries e.g. in the National Court Registry or in Real-Estate Registers.

Our activities also cover a number of recovery operations in respect of debtors.

Summing up, we tailor our activities to the individual requirements of our customer, trying to support his business with the best possible care. Our office is not “a legal factory” but a Company which always tries to get familiar with the customer’s problems in order to find the best solution to them. We deal with current issues, solve “old problems”, evaluate documents, prepare writs and advise via electronic media, telephone and fax. We also conduct negotiations on behalf of our customer in accordance with his instructions.

Within its services, the Office handles the solving of legal problems, in the range of commercial law, author’s rights, economic law, civil law, labour law, administrative law (e.g. dimensional development, construction law, administrative proceeding), public procurement and criminal law (amongst others) - in compliance with the legal advisor’s authority.

We adjust our prices according to the individual requirements of our customers.

We hope that this offer meets your expectations and we look forward to our future co-operation.

We trust that you will find the foregoing to be of interest. Should you require more information, please contact our office directly, and we will be happy to arrange a mutually convenient meeting.